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Exhibit A <br />SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br />ARTICLE I. KEY PERSONNEL <br />The individuals listed below shall be considered key personnel for point of contact under this Agreement. Any <br />substitution of key personnel by either party shall be made by written notification to the current key personnel. <br />SUBRECIPIENT MILITARY DEPARTMENT <br />Name <br />Darren Higashiyama <br />Name <br />Michael Alston <br />Title <br />Commander <br />Title <br />Program Coordinator <br />E -Mail <br /> <br />E -Mail <br /> <br />Phone <br />509-933-8206 <br />Phone <br />253-512-7083 <br />Name <br />Gene Dana <br />Name <br />Tirzah Kincheloe <br />Title <br />Sheriff <br />Title <br />Program Manager <br />E -Mail <br /> <br />E -Mail <br /> <br />Phone <br />509-962-7615 <br />Phone <br />253-512-7456 <br />Name <br />Heather Seibert <br />Name <br />Dalton Gamboa <br />Title <br />Chief Financial Manager <br />Title <br />Program Assistant <br />E -Mail <br /> <br />E --Mail <br /> <br /> <br />Phone <br />509-962-7099 <br />Phone <br />253-512-7044 <br />ARTICLE II. ADMINISTRATIVE AND/OR FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS <br />The Subrecipient shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws, rules, regulations, requirements and <br />program guidance identified or referenced in this Agreement and the informational documents published by <br />QHS/FEMA applicable to the 17EMPG Program, including, but not limited to, all criteria, restrictions, and <br />requirements of the "Department of Homeland Security {DHS} Notice of Funding opportunity (NOFO) Fiscal <br />Year (FY) 2017 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)" document, the DHS Award Letter for <br />Grant No. EMS -2017 -EP -00004-S01, and the federal regulations commonly applicable to DHS/FEMA grants, all <br />of which are incorporated herein by reference. The DHS Award Letter is incorporated in this Agreement as <br />Attachment 1. <br />The Subrecipient acknowledges that since this Agreement involves federal award funding, the period of <br />performance described herein may begin prior to the availability of appropriated federal funds. The Subrecipient <br />agrees that it will not hold the Department, the State of Washington, or the United States liable for any damages, <br />claim for reimbursement, or any type of payment whatsoever for services performed under this Agreement prior <br />to distribution of appropriated federal funds, or if federal funds are not appropriated or in a particular amount. <br />A. STATE AND FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR DHS/FEMA PREPAREDNESS GRANTS: <br />The following requirements apply to all DHS/FEMA Preparedness Grants administered by the <br />Department. <br />1. SUBAWARDS & CONTRACTS BY SUBRECIPIENT <br />a. The Subrecipient must make a case-by-case determination whether each agreement it <br />makes for the disbursement of 17EMPG funds received under this Agreement casts the <br />party receiving the funds in the role of a subrecipient or contractor in accordance with 2 <br />CFR 200.330. <br />b. If the Subrecipient becomes a pass-through entity by making a subaward to a non-federal <br />entity as its Subrecipient: <br />i. The Subrecipient must comply with all federal laws and regulations applicable to <br />pass-through entities of 17EMPG funds, including, but not limited to, those <br />contained in 2 CFR 200. <br />ii. The Subrecipient shall require its Subrecipient to comply with all applicable state <br />and federal laws, rules, regulations, requirements, and program guidance <br />identified or referenced in this Agreement and the informational documents <br />published by DHS/FEMA applicable to the 17EMPG Program, including, but not <br />DHS-FEMA-EMPG-FY 17 Page 2 of 36 Kittitas County, E18-131 <br />