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An employee found to be using the phone in violation of these rules will be subject to disciplinary action, <br />and will be required to reimburse the County for any charges. <br />Cellular Phones <br />To further enhance efficient completion of County business, a Department Head or Elected Official may <br />decide that an employee should have ready access to a cell phone. Subject to periodic review and <br />adjustment, and with approval of the Board of County Commissioners, the Department Head/Elected <br />Official may select one of the options below. <br />A. County-owned cell phones: Personal calls and texts on County-owned cell phones are <br />prohibited, except as identified below. Any personal use will be billed to the employee at the <br />calculated per-minute or per-text billable rate to the County. <br />• In the case of an emergency or urgent condition where no other form of communication is <br />immediately available. <br />• Calls to home, school, or doctor if an employee or the employee’s immediate family member <br />is injured or becomes sick. <br />• In the event an employee is delayed or needs to work overtime with no advance notice and <br />needs to call home to advise family or to arrange alternate child transportation or care. <br /> <br />Personal use of a County-owned cell phone should be infrequent and short in duration. <br />Employees who are issued a County-owned cell phone will be responsible for conducting a <br />monthly audit of their bill. They will be required to identify any personal calls or texts, incoming or <br />outgoing, during each billing cycle, and submit an audit affidavit indicating the information is true <br />and accurate. The employee will be billed for the amount due. If a subsequent audit by a <br />supervisor or auditor reveals personal calls or texts not identified by the employee, the employee <br />will be required to reimburse the County within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of the identified <br />charges and will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. <br />Employees who are issued a County-owned cell phone shall be responsible for the following: <br />• Protecting the County-owned cell phone from theft, loss or damage. <br />• Immediately reporting loss of theft to their supervisor or Department Head/Elected Official. <br />• Recognizing that cell phones are not secure and using discretion while making sensitive or <br />confidential calls. <br />• Understanding that use is subject to review and public disclosure. <br />• Immediately returning the cell phone to the supervisor or Department Head/Elected Official if <br />it is determined that the phone is no longer necessary, or upon leaving County employment. <br />B. Employee-owned cell phones: Upon approval of the Board of County Commissioners, a <br />Department Head/Elected Official may submit a Personnel Action Form (PAF) for each employee <br />within their department approved to carry a cell phone for business purposes authorizing payment <br />of a $25 monthly cell phone allowance. This allowance is included in the employee's paycheck <br />and is taxable. <br /> <br />The employee receiving the allowance is responsible for procuring their own cell phone and <br />service. All subsequent related expenses will be paid by the employee. All calls made from the