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provide lectures or perform work for activities that are indirectly connected with our governmental <br />function. Use of technology for such purposes is not prohibited. <br />B. Personal use of technology must occur on break and lunchtime or be so brief in nature as to be <br />incidental to the work assignment of the employee. Personal use of County e-mail is prohibited <br />(Information Services Policies and Procedures - <br />http://camas/policies/Information%20Services/08_Email.asp#Employee responsibilities). <br />C. County technology may not be used to conduct or support business for other organizations, either <br />for self-employment or other employment, including political activity. <br />Any expense incurred due to the personal use of County technology will be paid by the employee at the <br />reimbursement rate published in this policy, or at the actual rate of expense if the reimbursement rate is <br />not published. Outstanding debt may be recuperated through payroll deduction without the prior consent <br />of the employee. <br />Information Services Policies and Procedures <br />The following issues are addressed through the "Information Services Policies and Procedures". All <br />employees who utilize any County technology are responsible for reading and understanding these <br />policies: <br />• Introduction <br />• Requests for Service <br />• Purchasing Technology <br />• Account Management <br />• Access <br />• Personal Equipment <br />• Data Management, Access, and Protection <br />• Email <br />• Internet <br />• Viruses and Malware <br />• Web Policies <br />• GIS Policies <br />Telephones <br />Use of County telephones (land lines) for local personal calls, or incoming long distance personal calls, is <br />not prohibited as long as such use occurs on break and lunchtime or is so brief in nature as to be <br />incidental to the work assignment of the employee and does not interfere with the employee's ability to <br />perform their assigned job functions. <br />Use of the telephone for outgoing long distance personal phone calls is prohibited, except as follows: <br />A. If the call is billed to your home phone number or calling card; <br />B. If the call is billed to a pre-paid calling card; or <br />C. If the call is made to a toll-free number that does not result in a charge to the County.