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STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />COUNTY ROAD ADMINISTRATION BOARD <br />CERTIFICATION OF THE 2011 ROAD LEVY, AND ESTIMATED REVENUE PRODUCED <br />(year) (WAC 136-150-021) <br />Submitting County: <br />Kittitas Total County Valuation: <br />($/Thousand) <br />Road District Valuation <br />$ 6.437,116,147.00 <br />Revenue Produced From <br />County Road Property <br />Maximum Permissible <br />Road Levy: $ 0.8658050000 $ 4,574,587.881.00 $ 3,960,701.06 <br />(1) (2) f(1x2)/1, 000]=3 <br />County Road Property Tax Shifted to Current Expense in Accordance with RCW 84.52.043: <br />($/Thousand) <br />Revenue Lost From <br />Road District Valuation County Road Property Tax <br />Levy Shift: $ 0.13881200000 $ 4,574,587,881.00 $ 635,007.69 <br />(4) (2) [(4x2)/1,000]=5 <br />Adjusted Maximum Permissible Road Levy: <br />($/Thousand) <br />Actual Established Road Levy. <br />Revenue Produced From <br />Road District Valuation County Road Property <br />$ 0.72699300000 $ 4, 574, 587, 881.00 $ 3,325,693.37 <br />(1-4=6) (2) [(6x2)/1, 000]=7 <br />($!Thousand) <br />Road District Valuation Total Revenue Produced <br />Levy Fixed in Accordance $ 0.726993000000 $ 4,574,587,881.00 _ $ 3,325693.37 <br />RCW 36.40.090: (8) (2) ((8x2)/1, 000]=9 <br />County Road Property Tax Revenues Diverted For Other Purposes In Accordance With <br />RCW 36.33.220, RCW 39.69, or RCW 84.55.050: <br />Service to be Provided. <br />1 Traffic Law Enforcement <br />2 <br />* Total Diverted Road Levy. <br />Revenues Remaining for Roads (RCW 36.82.040) <br />Diverted $/Thousand <br />0.04371900000 <br />Revenue Produced: <br />$ 199, 996.41 <br />$ 0.043719 $ <br />199.996.41 <br />(10) <br />(11) <br />$ 0.683274 $ <br />3,125, 696.96 <br />(8-10) <br />(9-11) <br />Roar! Funds Budgeted to be used for Traffic Law Enforcement: <br />Funded Through: <br />1 Traffic Law Enforcement Operating Transfer (per agreement) <br />2 Traffic Law Enforcement Direct Payment (cost reimbursement) <br />* Total Budgeted Road Fund Expenditures: <br />Budgeted Amount. <br />(12) <br />* Reporting of Diverted Road Levy and budgeted Road Fund expenditures for Traffic Law Enforcement <br />amounts are both required in order to ascertain county eligibility for RATA funds. See <br />WAC 136-150-030. <br />Note: WAC 136-150-021 provides that "The CRASoard will request that every county legislative authority submit a <br />certification showing the amount of the road levy fixed and the amount, if any, budgeted in accordance with RCW <br />36.33.220 for traffic law enforcement and/or any other purpose from diverted road levy no later than February 1st of each <br />year" <br />htip:/ Copy of 10101 2Road Levy201 1 CertificationAs <br />