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BID PROPOSAL CHEMICALIWEED SPRAY - BID OPENING FEBRUARY 16, 2011, AT 2:00 <br />P.M. <br />CHEMICAL <br />INGREDIENTS <br />Active <br />Ingredients % <br />ESTIMATED QTY. <br />CONTAINER <br />SIZE <br />COST <br />TOTAL UNIT <br />COST <br />RESIDUALS <br />Veloss_a <br />(No Substitutions) <br />Landmark XP <br />(No_ Substitutions) <br />Hexazinone <br />Inert Ingrediants <br />Sulfometuron <br />Chlorsulfuron <br />Inert Ingrediants <br />25.00% <br />75.00% <br />50.00% <br />25.00% <br />25.00% <br />_ 3.7_5 <br />2.2.50 <br />_Gal. <br />Oz. <br />bulk <br />Gal. <br />$7$_._40 <br />$29,4.0_0_.0.0_ <br />Oz. <br />$6.65 <br />$14,962.50 <br />CONTACT & SELECTIVE HERBICIDES <br />Brush Rhap <br />(No Substitutions) <br />3, 6-dichloro-methyoxybenzoic <br />Acid_ _ <br />2,4-dichloro-phenoxyacetic Acid <br />18.28% <br />24.62% <br />750 <br />Gal. <br />2_75 <br />Gal. <br />$45.21 <br />$3__3,907_.50 <br />Glyphosate <br />(No Substitutions) <br />Milestone <br />(No Substitutions) <br />Gal. <br />Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) <br />glycine, in the form of its <br />isopropylamine salt <br />Other Ingredients <br />Triisoprapanolammonium salt of 2 - <br />pyridine carboxylic acid, 4 -amino 3, <br />6-dichloro <br />Other Ingredients <br />4i% <br />59% <br />40.60% <br />30 <br />20 <br />Gal. <br />Gal. <br />$10.00 <br />$275.00 <br />$300.00 <br />2.5 <br />Gal. <br />$5,500.00 <br />59.40% <br />SURFACTANTS <br />Grounded <br />(No Substitutions) <br />**NOTE: A CURRENT <br />Propietary blend of Aliphatic <br />Hydrocarbons & hexahydric <br />Alcohol, ethoylate and fatty acids <br />Components ineffective as adjuvant <br />Patent No. 5,906,961 <br />-- <br />99.00% <br />1.00% <br />150 <br />Gal. <br />2.5 <br />Gal. <br />$14.00 <br />$2,100.00 <br />— <br />EACH CHEMICAL <br />-- <br />SHALL <br />BE <br />SUPPLIED <br />TOTAL - <br />$86,170.00 <br />A BID. <br />LABEL AND MSDS SHEET FOR <br />WHEN <br />SUBMITTING <br />Hviena Chemmat : A. <br />Company Name <br />1010 E. Kartchner St. 509-962-2621 <br />Company Address Telephone No. <br />Pasco, WA 99301 509-972-4556 <br />City State Zip Fax No. <br />