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Section I. Project Questions <br /> <br />Please respond to the questions in this section about the specific project to be funded. <br /> <br />1. Project Title: Senior Rent Assistance <br />2. Project Summary and Goals: (Provide one to two paragraphs summarizing your <br />project and how it will strengthen or enhance housing and/or services to prevent or <br />reduce homeless in Kittitas County. Specifically list the goals of the project. <br />Senior rent assistance provides services to households over the age of 65 with rent. All households who <br />come into services must present information and bills that show they are negative budget every month <br />and struggling to pay basic cost for rent. The senior populations we serve are living off a fixed income <br />and increase inflation of cost, most seniors do not have the capacity to gain further income and without <br />the support of this rent assistance would be evicted from their homes. <br /> <br />3. Priorities: (How does this project respond to the Homeless Assistance Grant Program <br />Priorities for 2010? Describe how this project fills an unmet need) <br />The second priority of the Homeless Assistance grant Program is to provide prevention services in the <br />form of rent assistance to prevent those households from losing their existing housing. Seniors rent <br />assistance does that. The seniors in the program are on the brink of losing their housing due to finances <br />and the senior rent assistance program helps them maintain their current housing. <br />There are currently no services for seniors experiencing homelessness in Kittitas County. All services are <br />geared towards short term households that are designed around moving households forward financially <br />by budgeting and job retention. The seniors we serve do not have an opportunity to increase their <br />income which makes them most vulnerable. <br /> <br />4. Preferences: (Briefly describe how your project meets one or more of the criteria <br />listed under Section E of the Homeless Assistance Program Guiding Principles) <br />This program aims to fill a gap in services in regards to an underserved population. There are no other <br />programs for seniors that would support with rent assistance in the way that this program does. Senior <br />rent assistance helps those individuals maintain their housing. Most senior households are single adults <br />with fixed income who also are underserved in our community. <br /> <br />