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r Kittitas County, Washington <br />of COUNT COMMISSIONERS <br />EVENT APPLICATION <br />'hank you for your interest in holding a special event in Kittitas County_ Please <br />complete and return this appBcation along with any other materials to the Kittitas <br />County Board of Commissioners at least 60 days prior to the day upon the event is <br />scheduled. Any misrepresentation in the application materials or deviation from the <br />final agreed upon route and/or method of operation described may result in the <br />immediate revocation of an issued permit: Specifics outlining Event Permits can be <br />viewed at' <br />Name of event Yakima River Canyon Marathon <br />Date(s) of event April 2, 2011 - <br />fours of operation: 7:00 . m . - 3:00 <br />Description of the event- 26.2 mile road race from Ellensburg <br />to rural Selah on Canyon Road (State Route 821). <br />Has this evert taken place before? Yes No mates: -z 01 -2D j0 <br />Estimated attendance: 6 0 0 f + or - <br />How is your event being publicized? Registration forms, newspaper, <br />website ( <br />Please attoci: any flyers, pow ess, etc With yourapplicatian submis-siom <br />Contact hnifornmation <br />Yakima Hard Core Runners Club <br />Name of the orga es%contact person: Lenore Dolphin <br />Address: 310 South 50th Avenue, Yakima, WA 98908 <br />Phonenumber(s): (509)966-0188, Yakima; (425)226-1518, Renton <br />Email address: <br />Date of birth of applicant 2-27-1930 <br />KmffA s Cou—,i' --O alc I ious: - 2o5 vi, airs < P, sunt ws- ET i i S > :v, i A 98926 <br />(509) 962-7508 FAX(509)962-7679 <br />AX(509)462-7679 <br />