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RankApplicantScoreFunding RequestRecommendation1Cle Elum Chamber of Commerce7026,300.00$ 19,800.00$ 2Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce5060,000.00$ 60,000.00$ 3Roslyn Revitalization5050,000.00$ 15,000.00$ 4Chimposium (CWU)455,650.00$ 4,500.00$ 5Jazz in the Valley453,500.00$ 3,500.00$ 6City of Cle Elum405,000.00$ 5,000.00$ 7Roslyn Market4050,000.00$ 4,500.00$ 8Western Art Association352,500.00$ 2,500.00$ 9Clymer Museum of Art353,000.00$ 3,000.00$ 10Daniel Beard Rodeos - Bares $ Broncs354,000.00$ 4,000.00$ 11Cascade Rail Foundation304,050.00$ 2,500.00$ 12Kittitas County Historical Society302,500.00$ 2,000.00$ 13Daniel Beard Rodeos - Cle Elum Rendev.307,500.00$ 4,500.00$ 14Kittitas Valley Early Iron Club251,500.00$ 1,500.00$ 15Kittitas County Fair2512,000.00$ -$ 16Hospice252,000.00$ 2,000.00$ 17CWU Foundation251,150.00$ 1,000.00$ 18Spirit of the West204,000.00$ 4,000.00$ 19Kittitas County Farmer's Market209,000.00$ 5,000.00$ 20Children's Activity Museum202,000.00$ 2,000.00$ 21Northern Kittitas County Historical Society1520,000.00$ -$ 22Daniel Beard Rodeos - Spirit of the West152,000.00$ -$ 23Ellensburg Downtown Association105,900.00$ -$ 24Thorp Mill Historical Society103,502.49$ 3,502.49$ Total149,802.49$ The following applications were rejectected by the committee:ApplicationReasonCle Elum Improvement AssociationProject not fundable by statuteEllensburg Rodeo PosseIncomplete ApplicationEllensburg Film FestivalApplication turned in lateLodging Tax Advisory Committee2010 Grant Funding Recommendation