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3 <br />a text message and/or attachments, such as word processing or other electronic <br />documents. <br /> Metadata <br />Metadata is any "data about other data", of any sort in any media. This includes but is <br />not limited to date of creation, access information, database schema, author/sender, <br />and electronic routing information. <br /> “Born Digital” <br />A record is considered “born digital” if it was created in an electronic information <br />system. The record consists of the entirety of the item including the file and metadata. <br />This does not include paper records that have been digitized or any other record <br />converted into digital format. <br /> Conversion <br />Conversion is transferring a digital file from one format to another; e.g., when the host <br />software is updated requiring the file format to be updated, or when the host software <br />is changed from one vendor to another and file formats are incompatible. Metadata is <br />usually changed during this process. <br /> Local Records Committee (LRC) <br />The Local Records Committee (LRC) was formed under Chapter 40.14.070 RCW. Per <br />WAC 434-630-040, the LRC reviews and approves, amends or vetoes records retention <br />schedules for agencies of local government. The committee consists of the State <br />Archivist, a representative appointed by the State Auditor, and a representative <br />appointed by the Attorney General. <br /> Records Retention Schedule <br />A records retention schedule is a legal document approved by the LRC that specifies <br />required retention periods for a record series and provides ongoing disposition <br />authority for the records series after its approved retention period has been satisfied. <br /> Record Series <br />A record series is a class of records with a specific or common function or purpose as <br />identified and defined on an approved records retention schedule. <br /> Retention Period <br />The retention period is the minimum amount of time that an agency is required to <br />retain records within a record series. Retention periods are provided in records <br />retention schedules.