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2 <br />o Electronic record: An electronic record is any information in a format that only a <br />machine can process, and that satisfies the definition of a public record, <br />including but not limited to VCR or cassette tape, punch card, e-mail, and word <br />processor files. The electronic record includes any metadata regarding the <br />record. <br /> Archival Value/Potential Archival Value <br />Records that are designated as Archival in the retention schedules must either be kept <br />by the agency in perpetuity, or transferred to the Washington State Regional Archives <br />Central Region Branch (Regional Archives). Records designated as Potentially Archival <br />are those that may have sufficient historical value to warrant archival transfer. These <br />records must be appraised for possible transfer to the Regional Archives system before <br />they can be destroyed. <br /> Electronic Information System <br />An Electronic Information System is a system in which computerized records (electronic <br />records) are collected, organized, and categorized to facilitate their preservation, <br />retrieval, use, access, and disposition. This includes the following: <br />o Database Management System (DBMS): A DBMS is a software system used to <br />access and retrieve data stored in a database (e.g. SQL Server and Microsoft <br />Access). <br />o Electronic mail (e-mail) system: Modern e-mail systems (e.g. Exchange Server <br />and Outlook) are based on a store-and-forward model in which e-mail computer <br />server systems accept, forward, or store messages on behalf of users. Excluded <br />from this definition are file transfer utilities (software that transmits files <br />between users but does not retain any transmitted data, e.g. FTP or Peer-to-peer <br />(P2P) file sharing systems). <br />o File Server: A file server is a networked computer that stores electronic files for <br />access by multiple users. <br />o Electronic Imaging System: An Electronic Imaging System is a computer system <br />that imports paper or digital files and stores them digitally. It is capable of <br />storing metadata with each file or series of files. It can also present the <br />information as an image of a printout of the file eith er on screen or via paper <br />printout. <br /> Electronic Mail Message (e-mail) <br />An e-mail is a document saved, sent, or received on an electronic mail system including