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1 <br />Kittitas County Records Management Policy <br /> <br /> Effective Date: 06-01-2010 <br /> Revision Date: 07/08/2009 <br /> Final Draft <br /> <br />Purpose <br />Kittitas County officials and employees are responsible for capturing records that document the <br />official work of the county and retaining them in accordance with retention schedules approved <br />by the Washington State Archives’ Local Records Committee. The p urpose of this policy is to <br />establish standards for appropriate retention and destruction of records within the <br />departments of Kittitas County and educate employees how to: <br /> Identify and distinguish between records and non-records. <br /> Manage, preserve, dispose of, and/or transfer, in compliance with approved retention <br />schedules, those records, regardless of format or media, which document the <br />organization, functions, programs, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential <br />transactions of the County; and destroy non-records with no retention value or <br />requirements. <br /> Definitions <br />As used in this policy, the following term shall have the meaning indicated: <br /> Record (public): Per RCW 40.14.010, any paper, correspondence, completed form, <br />bound record book, photograph, film, sound recording, map drawing, machine-readable <br />material, compact disc meeting current industry ISO specifications, or other document, <br />regardless of physical form or characteristics, and including such copies thereof, that <br />have been made by or received by any agency of the state of Washington in connection <br />with the transaction of public business is a public record. <br />o Essential record: An essential record is one that is necessary for the continuity <br />and restoration of agency operations after a disaster, serves as primary <br />documentation of an agency’s legal authority and responsibilities, or protects <br />the rights of the public. These records should have security backup to prevent <br />loss. <br />o Permanent record: A permanent record is one which must not be destroyed, <br />must be retained in perpetuity and have security backup . Permanent records <br />which are not designated as archival or potentially archival must remain in the <br />agency’s legal custody.