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<br /> <br />E911 County BSO Contract Page 3 of 18 Kittitas County, E18-024 <br />V. THE PARTIES AGREE THAT THE FOLLOWING ELIGIBLE EXPENSES AND PRIORITIES ARE <br />ESTABLISHED IN CONTRACT: <br />A. Consistent with the statutes and regulations cited, this contract allows reimbursement solely for <br />certain approved eligible expenses described in WAC 118-66-050 incurred by the COUNTY, in <br />support of E911 calls originating in the county, including eligible expenses in the following <br />prioritization: (1) E911 statewide dialing, (2) E911 basic service, and (3) capital items. This contract <br />contains two categories of eligible expenses: Statewide Services and Basic Service Operating as <br />described below: <br /> <br />1. Statewide services benefit all counties and do not require local revenue to be expended prior to <br />reimbursement through county contracts. Statewide services are those Coordinator <br />Professional Development expenses which are reimbursed through this contract. <br /> <br />a. Coordinator Professional Development (CPD) including travel expenses for attending the <br />following: Advisory Committee meetings, Advisory Committee Subcommittee meetings, <br />Coordinator Forums, State Supported training, and National Conference attendance. <br />Additionally, CPD includes reimbursement of selected Public Education expenses, selected <br />911 Salaries, benefits and training; 911 Call Receiver training; pre-approved NG911 <br />modernization expenses and interpretative services. <br /> <br />2. Basic Service Operating expenses are only reimbursed pursuant to this contract. Basic Service <br />Operating expenses consist of statewide dialing, basic service, and capital items listed in WAC <br />118-66 and defined in the SECO Policies and set out in Section VII D of this contract. Basic <br />Service Operating funding is only available when the COUNTY has: <br /> <br />a. Imposed the maximum county enhanced 911 tax allowed under RCW 82.14B.030(1) and <br />RCW 82.14B.030(2); <br />b. Expended its local revenue on eligible E911 expenses and needs additional reimbursement <br />assistance to meet its eligible basic service operating expenses. <br />c. Eligible enhanced 911 expenses as described in WAC 118-66-040. <br />d. A 911 system that is completely enhanced for wireline and wireless E911 services. <br /> <br />B. Expenses. <br />1. General Reimbursement Requirements for COUNTYs: <br />a. Reimbursement will be made, contingent upon funding availability, only for eligible approved <br />expenses identified in RCW 38.52.545 and WAC 118-66-050; <br />b. Approved eligible expenses will be reimbursed at amounts not to exceed limits established <br />in SECO Policy, see Section VII D of this contract; <br />c. In the event, available funding will not cover all contract eligible amounts, individual line <br />items will be funded in full or not at all; <br />d. Funding is for primary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) only, unless otherwise <br />specified in applicable DEPARTMENT policy, see Section VII D of this contract; <br /> <br />2. Ineligible Items: <br />Expenses not listed in WAC 118-66-050(1), (2) and/or (3), and not directly associated with the <br />operation of the E911 system are not eligible for state financial assistance or reimbursement <br />under this contract. <br /> <br />3. Expense Documentation and Approval: <br />a. COUNTY must submit documentation of eligible expenses to the DEPARTMENT; including <br />identification of vendor, warrant number, date, and applicable E911 eligible expense <br />categorization as set out in Section VII E below; <br />b. COUNTY must submit eligible Monthly Expense Reports and/or requests for reimbursement <br />so they are received by the DEPARTMENT by the 30th day following the month in which <br />payment was made, including additional hard copy documentation required by an “Action <br />Plan” due to audit findings; <br />c. Expenses contained in Monthly Expense Reports not submitted by the 30th day following <br />payment, including additional hard copy documentation as required by “Action Plans”, will