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<br />3. The Board of County Commissioners finds that Community Development Services issued a Notice <br />of Application pursuant to KCC 15A.03 on September 21, 2017. The Board of County <br />Commissioners finds further that said notice solicited comments from jurisdictional agencies and <br />landowners within 300 feet of the subject properties as required by law. <br /> <br />4. The Board of County Commissioners finds that an administrative site analysis was completed by <br />the staff planner in compliance with Title 17A. No regulated critical areas exist on the property. <br /> <br />5. The Board of County Commissioners finds that an open record hearing was held on October 3, <br />2017 and that testimony was taken from those persons present who wished to be heard. The Board <br />of County Commissioners also finds that due notice of this public hearing has been given as <br />required by law, and the necessary inquiry has been made into the public interest to be served by <br />this proposed subdivision. <br /> <br />6. The Board of County Commissioners finds that the proposed alteration involves private easements. <br /> <br />Conclusions of Law: <br /> <br />1. As conditioned, this proposal is consistent with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. <br /> <br />2. Public use and interest will be served by approval of this proposal. <br /> <br />3. As conditioned, the proposal is consistent with Kittitas County Code Title 16 Subdivision, Title 17 <br />Zoning, Title 17A Critical Areas, Title 15 Environmental, and Title 12 Roads and Bridges. <br /> <br />Conditions of Approval <br /> <br />1. Timing of Improvements: This application is subject to the latest revision of the Kittitas <br />County Road Standards, dated 12/15/15. The following conditions apply and must be <br />completed prior to final approval of this project. A performance guarantee may be used, in lieu of <br />the required improvements, per the conditions outlined in KCC 12.01150. <br /> <br />2. Private Road Certification: Private roads serving any of the lots within this development shall be <br />inspected and certified by a licensed professional engineer for conformance with current Kittitas <br />County Road Standards, 12/15/15 edition. Kittitas County Public Works shall require this road <br />certification to be completed prior to final approval of the project. If a performance guarantee is <br />used in lieu of the required improvements, the private road shall be constructed and certified to comply <br />with the minimum requirements of the International Fire Code prior to issuance of a building permit . <br /> <br />3. Private Road Improvements : Access Mountain Creek Drive shall be constructed to meet or exceed <br />the requirements of a High-Density Private Road that serves 3-14 tax parcels. See Table 4-4, Kittitas <br />County Road Standards, 12/15/15 edition . <br />a. New access easements shall be a minimum of 60' wide. Existing access easements shall be a <br />minimum of 40' wide. The roadway shall have a minimum width of 20', with 1' shoulders, for a <br />total width of 22'. <br />b. Minimum centerline radius will be 60'. <br />c. Surface requirement is for a gravel surface per WSDOT Standard Specifications.