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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AND RECOVERY ADVISORY BOARD <br />BYLAWS <br />I. ADVISORY BOARD AUTHORIZATION & COMPOSITION: <br />A. The Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) shall establish an advisory board for <br />the county Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder program. The board will henceforth be <br />referenced to as the Behavioral Health and Recovery Advisory Board (BHRAB) as authorized by <br />Kittitas Board of County Commissioners Resolution 2016-063. <br />B. The county programs shall be advised by a board consisting of seven (7) members appointed by the <br />BOCC, with the additional stipulation that: <br />1. Members shall be appointed for three-year terms with the terms of one-third of the <br />members expiring each year plus one on the first year. <br />2. A member whose term expires may be re -appointed. <br />3. The BHRAB shall actively seek consumer representation. <br />4. The BHRAB shall seek to recruit membership in accordance with Washington <br />Administrative Code (WAC) 388-865-0252 which indicates that an advisory board: <br />a) Broadly represents the demographic character of the service area; <br />b) Is composed of at least fifty-one percent representation of one or more of the <br />following: <br />i. Persons with lived experience; <br />ii. Parents or legal guardians of persons with lived experience; or <br />iii. Self -identified as persons in recovery from a behavioral health disorder; <br />c) Includes law enforcement representation, and; <br />d) Includes tribal representation, upon request of a tribe. <br />5. Interested individuals will submit an Application for Appointment to Kittitas County <br />Boards and Commissions to the County Commissioners Office. <br />6. The Clerk of the BOCC will forward all applications to the Clerk of the BHRAB. The Clerk <br />of the BHRAB will forward applications to the County Coordinators who will interview the <br />applicant and invite them to the next scheduled meeting. <br />7. The BHRAB will review applications and forward their recommendation to the BOCC to <br />approve/deny an applicant. <br />8. The BOCC will review the Applications for Appointment along with BHRAB <br />recommendation for applicants and approve/deny appointment to the Board. <br />9. The Clerk of the BOCC will issue letters of Appointment to applicants who are appointed <br />to the Board by the BOCC. The terms of the appointment will be specified in the letter of <br />appointment. <br />10. If a member needs to be removed from the Board for reasons including but not limited to <br />conflicts of interest, unexcused absences, or other reason unknown, the Board will vote on <br />this issue. If a simple majority of the Board members in attendance votes to remove a <br />member, the recommendation of the Board will brought forth to the BOCC. <br />11. The BOCC will review the recommendation of the Board to remove a member and will vote <br />to retain or terminate the member's appointment to the Board. <br />II. ADVISORY BOARD DUTIES -- The Kittitas County BHRAB shall; <br />A. Develop, communicate, and present the county BHRAB Biennial Plan including: <br />1. Reviewing and assessing community and consumer needs, services, resources, priorities, <br />facilities and special problems related to Substance Use Disorder program needs in Kittitas <br />Page 1 <br />