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<br />Air Quality Advisory Committee <br />Working with State and local partners to reduce PM2.5 in Ellensburg and surrounding areas <br />PROJECT CHARTER <br />3/12/14 <br />PURPOSE <br />This project is part of an interagency agreement between Kittitas County Public Health Department <br />(KDPHD) and Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) in an effort to maximize local <br />partnerships to reduce PM2.5 air pollution in Kittitas County. <br /> <br />The goals of this committee: <br />• creating and implementing an assessment to determine knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and <br />cultural barriers surrounding burning behaviors and other PM2.5 pollution contributors in <br />Kittitas County <br />• creating survey questions appropriate to determine cultural contribution to outdoor and <br />woodstove burning as well as other PM2.5 pollution <br />• providing input into survey generation and community participation opportunities <br />• utilizing existing monitoring data and existing Ecology emissions inventory work to support <br />assessment results <br />• providing education for best practices for wood stove burning for maximum fuel efficiency and <br />minimum pollution <br />• completing a wood stove inventory of the community using Ecology’s resources as well as all <br />available information from local resources, to include indoor open fire places and shop stoves in <br />addition to standard wood stoves <br />• creating an education and outreach campaign to reduce PM2.5 levels measured in Ellensburg by <br />Ecology’s monitoring equipment atop Hal Holmes Center <br />• Create a plan for future AQ projects and goals <br /> <br />OVERVIEW <br />Kittitas County lies along the East slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range. The geography of the <br />county results in long periods of high pressure and air inversions where any smoke emitted into the <br />atmosphere stays in the lower atmosphere until changing conditions clean out the valley. Air quality <br />data from Ecology indicate Ellensburg has one of the highest levels of PM 2.5 in Washington State <br />during winter home-heating season. Ellensburg has been identified by Ecology and the State <br /> 507 N. Nanum Street, St. 102 · Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />T: 509.962.7515 · F: 509.962.7581 <br />